i'm isabella.

THINGS I LOVE: Taking pics (bet ya didn't guess that one;)) // watching the sunset after a golden hour session // long drives // exploring new locations + traveling // shopping

THREE WORDS TO DESCRIBE ME: responsible // creative // dedicated

MORE ABOUT ME: the central valley, CA is where I call home // currently pursuing my bachelor's in Marketing Media // up for a new challenge 24/7

Most importantly, I love and serve a God who created us in His image -- beautiful and with intentionality. I wish to reflect that in every session & photo I take.

FAVORITE VERSE: 1 Timothy 4:12

photo credit: lisa prins photography

this sounds fancier...

Isabella Alexander Photography was originally started by Isabella Alexander at the young age of sixteen. After continuously owning a digital camera, she purchased her first DSLR camera with her hard-earned babysitting savings at the age of thirteen. She began practicing her new camera skills on her siblings, friends, family members, pets, and even still life that she found around her home, backyard and town. It became very evident that photography was something Isabella had an eye and a love for. Her camera was always in hand with her on walks to the park, family vacations, and in her bedroom doing makeshift studio shoots using a sheet as a backdrop and her younger sister as a model. With a lifelong interest and hobby of photography in hand, Isabella decided to make her favorite passion a job and share her talents with her family and friends in the Central Valley of California. Since that first website was launched and Instagram post was made three years later, in 2019, Isabella Alexander Photography has expanded to all types of portrait photography.

Some of the most booked session types include content photos for influencers, senior photos, and family photos. She also shoots weddings, with coverage starting from getting ready to the couple’s exit. Isabella shoots many events, and specializes in coverage for party planners which include the most intricate detail shots to highlight all aspects of the party. Some of the more mainstream session types include families, couples/engagements, family sessions and senior/graduate photos. Isabella Alexander Photography has traveled across California and to Dallas, Texas for notable work and is continuing to build her business in 2022. 

The light, airy, and timeless look of Isabella Alexander Photography’s work is well known in the Central Valley, and the kind, welcoming, fun and creative spirit she brings to her sessions make the experience of a session with Isabella Alexander Photography unique. Isabella Alexander Photography offers kindness, unwavering help, and humility to clients which sets it apart from other photography businesses. Her niche clientele tends to be seniors and families, and Isabella loves pouring her time and talents into her clients-turned-friends. Isabella Alexander Photography seeks to impact each customer or family in a loving, positive, Christ-glorifying way.

After graduating high school in 2021, Isabella is pursuing a degree in Marketing Media at The Master’s University in Valencia, California. Isabella Alexander Photography  is now offering services in both the Southern California area and Central California on weekends. Isabella Alexander Photography specializes in location and outfit planning to help clients feel confident in themselves so that their photo-taking experience is the best it can be. Isabella Alexander Photography is hoping to serve a new client base with an exciting new vision for the year and new knowledge. Isabella Alexander Photography provides efficiency, comfort, fun, and flexibility to its customers. With a great loyalty to beautiful, classy images and dedication to exceptional customer service, Isabella Alexander Photography will continue to grow through the years.