This year, I am determined to push myself creatively.

I am always in awe of editorial and fashion photography and effortlessly set apart it is. I connected with Jade and knew she would be such an amazing fit to model for a shoot like this. She has a beautiful style and is willing to step out of her comfort zone for the sake of a good picture!

We went into this shoot with flexible visions and inspirations,

and with a few outfits in tow and lots of great spaces to utilize, we let our creative minds take the reins. Jade started off with a comfy sweat set and some athleisure New Balances with the perfect hint of yellow. Jade’s front room let in some great morning light and we played around with a combination of shadows and even lighting. Roger, the dog Jade was petsitting, found his love for the camera and would hop in some of the shots occasionally!

Jade wore denim on denim for the next look.

We were able to pull off several different sets of images in this outfit, and they each had such unique moods based on lighting, angles, and poses. We started off in Jade's living room and utilized the couches for a cozy, effortless vibe.